Mission Statement

Update: As of 3/27/15 we will be opening the TeamSpeak server to the greater gaming and non gaming world to facilitate all veterans who care to come in and join us on the TeamSpeak. This change has been made ahead of schedule due to the dire need for such outlets. 


Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming community for EvE Military Veterans of all nations. By strengthening our communities bonds we will be better able to help one another through difficult times ,keeping morale high while hopefully attributing towards a better quality of life and fun both in game and out. All of this will make us better able to deal with and address the horrible tide of Veteran suicides, engaging both the Veteran community and civilians alike with outreach about the topic and how we can be better armed to stop it in it’s tracks.

With successful implementation of this community program we can hopefully seek to go with this model out into the gaming world at large to further help combat Veteran suicides both through peer intervention and outreach and awareness of the issue we are dealing with in our Veteran community.

It is imperative that we get this right and we throw ourselves at this issue facing us so that we don’t have to suffer the cost of losing any more brothers and sisters counting them amongst the ranks of the Best of Us that have already paid the price.

9 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. This is amazing resource being a combat veteran eve online is one of the few outlets that allows me to process stressful times. You guys are awesome keep up the good work


  2. This is great. I don’t know exactly why, but this game attracts so many of us when we get out. Its good to have bro’s who know flying with ya.
    Keep up the phenomenal work, yut!


  3. like the site, maybe my army buddy is one of you guys. punk changed his phone number and never told me Cookie Monster, if your here, Guess What?


  4. Gentlemen,

    My hearty THANK YOU, will never be enough to express my sincere gratitude for each and every one of you. None of you Joined for that, I know. But, a fellow EVE player sent me to the channel in game, and I’ve followed the links in that channel to the Steam area and this area. While I was in back in the early 80’s, I’m more fortunate to at least have had a badass President, Our beloved Ronald Reagan. His love for the military was felt all the way down to me, us E-1’s and upward. We dug him back then, and have missed him since. o7!


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