Project Pipeline

Project Pipeline’s task and purpose is to bring in military vets and get them to give Eve Online a try so they can have an opportunity to see if it’s something that can help reinforce their social support network they have in place. Also to get them immediately in touch with their veteran peer group in game so they have a better chance at success and a place to talk with other veterans.

Update: The program has expanded to the scope of working with Veterans service organizations and getting them to partner with CCP Games so that these organizations can recommend Eve Online to the service members that they help.

Here is a audio piece we put together to bring to veterans service organizations.


The following will be a step by step on how to get started getting into the game and immediately getting in touch with your veteran peer group. 


This link will lead you to a registration page that will allow you to create an account for the game. As well as the bonus that if you end up subscribing we can give you the in game time item known as “PLEX” that we get for you subscribing to the game so you can get either 30 free days of game time or sell it on the market for some in game cash.

A download link for the game client should be provided as well.


Once you log into the game for the first time and create your character you should now be able to join our in game military veterans chat channel. Here is how. 



  • Look for this chat bubble on the left hand side of your screen.   chat bubble
  • Once you click on that bubble it should open up a panel that looks like this


  • In the channel name box  type in – Best of Us       Or you can easily copy it from this page and paste it into that box
  • Click join channel and you should now be able to interact with other military veterans from around the world that also play Eve Online
  • When you get in there make sure to tell us you joined through project pipeline so we can track new people coming in and get you a mentor to help guide you along in the game.

Now that you are in the game and have found your veteran peer group there are lots of resources you can utilize as a new player and here are a few.

 Operation Magic School Bus – run by CSM (Council of Stellar Management) Mike Azariah the program provides free ships to new Eve players and even a little in game currency too.

The Angel Project – Founded in 2012 by a friend of Best of Us community, Sindel Pellion, The Angel Project provides assistance and mentoring to new and struggling players, regardless of account age or affiliation. All donations of isk, ships, skillbooks, and other items are accepted, then handed out to those in need.

For our new members looking to get a good perspective and see what the experience is like from a new bro perspective check out The Learning Cliff Podcast they do a really amazing job.