What do we miss?

There are many things that we miss about our service. But I would wager the most important thing we end up struggling with and searching for is the community that we left behind. The bonds that for most go beyond family ties for some. Here is a TED talk done by Sebastian Junger.



He is the director of the documentary films Restrepo and Korengal (which can be seen on the watch instantly feature on Netflix). These two films along with the video on this page can go a long way to communicating with our friends and families our experiences. I would highly recommend sitting down with your family and watching these and really being able to open a dialogue about what we’ve done where we’ve been and where we are now.


What we are looking to build with the Best of Us community is that support network of brothers and sisters in arms, to have each others backs when bureaucratic messes let us down. So I beg people who are veterans if you don’t need help still link up with us and make your presence known in our community so we can show each other we’re here to help and build lasting bonds. We’re here for each other in more ways than just immediate help in a crisis.


I have a lot of exciting ideas to bring to the community so that we can help one another and in the future a project that could hopefully bring professional help right into veterans homes.




One thought on “What do we miss?

  1. I watched the video, and Sabastian Junger truly gets the whole concept of what we go through. He has seen it, been engulfed in it, scared shitless in it ( it being combat). I completely agree with everything he said in that presentation. This video should be sent to every psychologist, social worker, and anyone else that has to work with us. They will never grasp the concept if they havent been in our shoes but just maybe they can get a peek into our Brotherhood.



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